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What is Counselling?

What is Counselling? Counselling is a talking therapy that allows a person to discuss their problems, thoughts and feelings in a confidential and safe environment. Counselling sessions last for one hour and are usually attended on a weekly basis. The actual number of sessions that a person requires depends on each individual. Some clients want to work through a difficult issue over many weeks or months, whilst others prefer just a few sessions to have the opportunity to talk through a specific difficulty or issue. The first meeting is an opportunity for us to discuss what you would like to bring to counselling and see how you can work together. The counselling contract will be discussed and you should be given an idea of how the counselling process might work.

Sometimes life can be particularly hard, for all sorts of reasons. Whether you have had very difficult life experiences or struggling with one particular issue, overwhelming workplace stress or feeling constrained by anxiety, problematic behaviours or emotions,

repeating habits, health or relationship difficulties... the list can go on and on.

If these sorts of emotional issues, relationships or other life problems are stopping you from living a fulfilling and satisfying life then counselling can help. Often, getting help can feel like the hardest step of all, which takes courage and strength - it starts with hope; hope for something different, hope for change, or hope for understanding or hope for acceptance.

I provide professional counselling in Guernsey. My counselling room - located near the bottom of the market steps in St. Peter Port - is convenient for office staff and executives working in town, whilst with parking and the bus terminus close by, it is accessible from the rest of the island. I offer a warm, empathic, understanding and non-judgemental counselling service aiming to provide you with the support and help that you need.

finding peace
Finding peace

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