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Zoom Meetings

The world of online therapy has changed in the last few years following Covid lockdowns. As well as face to face meetings, I now work with clients via video meetings (Zoom) on a regular basis. 


It is very straightforward and I can guide you through the process if you are new to video meetings.

You can either download a Zoom app, or use a web link that I send you and join the meeting via the link.

Zoom is very secure - meetings are absolutely confidential.

Zoom Screen
Zoom buttons

Here is some guidance if you are new to video meetings:

  • Think about your privacy in your room so that you are comfortable to talk freely.

  • Check your network connection before we meet.

  • Don't forget to have a drink handy.

  • Consider what you might do if the doorbell rings, or there is an interruption.

  • Think about the camera and screen position - fixed is better than hand held, try and have the camera/screen at eye level rather than looking down at it.

  • Please keep your phone handy in case we cant connect or lose connection.

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