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In 1921 a Hermann Rorschach devised a series of 10 ink blots - literally blotted ink on paper folded in half - and devised a test which he claimed allowed him to produce a profile of people with schizophrenia - or other mental difficulties. The inkblot test has been very popular amongst psychologists, but now is criticised, and since the pictures and interpretation methods are available online, it has probably had its day.


Nonetheless, when taken a bit less seriously, its a bit of fun - a game about "what do you see in the picture?" so I have created my own inkblots - what do you see in the pictures?


Therapy can involve using creative methods - its not for everyone - but for those who do connect with such methods, this can help express thoughts and feelings that are sometimes hard to put into words. Whether it is to do with left/right brain neurological biases, or perhaps bypassing well established defence mechanisms, finding a way to express thoughts and feelings that have been stored up over time can be very powerful and freeing. why not try it!

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