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Corporate Work

Corporate work
Lady in the office

I am recognised by most health insurance companies; if your health insurance covers you for psychotherapy then it is likely that you can claim back the cost of therapy sessions. It is best to first check with your insurer and then I can either liaise with them, or I can give you a receipt to pass on.

If you are an employer, please do get in touch if you would like to discuss how we might work together to provide therapy or performance coaching for your team.

A busy office, a heavy workload, important responsibilities, tight schedules - our workplace can impact all of us. Caring about all staff, managers, executives & directors is important - people matter. 

I regularly work with clients who are struggling with the excessive stress of work, people experiencing burn-out. I would rather get involved sooner - don't wait until you break; I can help you I can help you with tools to manage your wellbeing and to deal with excessive stress. Some people thrive under pressure - which is great - but there is a thin line between thriving under pressure - keeping the lid on things, and breaking. Better to let the lid off slowly sometimes and keep on coping.


Mental health and emotional wellbeing are of core importance in modern, efficient, well organised workplaces. Contented, focussed staff are more effective in their jobs. Key personnel can find focus, think laterally and solve problems best when they are not constrained by overwhelm, negative thoughts, schemas and stress. 

I am registered with a number of Employee Assistance Programmes and also work directly with some companies to provide counselling and performance coaching for staff at all levels. 

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